Lawn Conversion

Many people have gardens that look like the photo below. And they envision a garden that looks like the photo above. 

Throughout his career, John has helped many clients transform unused lawn into dynamic garden spaces. He is skilled at working with clients to develop a vision for their garden based on their lives: "more flowers", "less work", "more gathering space", "more homegrown fruits and vegetables", "more songbirds", etc. Once a vision for the garden is established, John serves in the capacity that will work best for you. He can complete the entire process from start to finish: detailed garden design, planting plan, lawn removal, irrigation design and install, planting and finishing ($2500 - $8000, space and details depending); he can mentor clients through every step of the process themselves ($250 - $1000, space and details depending); or he can consult on an as-needed basis throughout the process ($55 per hour, details depending).

Transforming lawn into garden is deeply satisfying, but takes consideration, work and time. With the help of an experienced and passionate professional, you can look forward to years of color, fragrance, taste and beauty in your garden. Contact us now for more information on getting started.

"I have never been happier in and with my garden. What was once time-consuming and lifeless lawn is now vibrant with color and life. It takes half the water and maintenance and provides me with daily joy." Lawn-Conversion client

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